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Poster: ColdRain108 Date: Feb 7, 2019 12:28pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Philo Stomp in Dave's PIck 29 2-26-1977

only once did I hear anything close to that kind of Phil stomping in the 80's.

About 2 minutes into the "jam without Jerry" Phil starts to take over - playing games with the natural reverb that is Red Rocks. Not exactly the "stomp" but close.

The SBD version is really only good for this "song" since Jerry is mixed so low in the rest of it. I'd really like a matrix of this one, if anyone who does that kind of thing is listening. The Aud's have tons of Jerry's guitar, he was cranking it on stage...I was 2nd row and that is how I remember it.